TONNEAU COVERS (see Century and A.R.E. websites for special offers and discounts)

Putting a tonneau cover on your truck is one of the best upgrades you can add to your rig. A tonneau cover increases gas mileage, protects your valuables and looks great on your truck. Hard or soft tonneaus, roll-ups, tilts, tool boxes, even motorized tonneaus.

What can a tonneau cover do for my truck?

If you have a truck, adding a tonneau cover to your bed is an absolute must.  Not only are tonneau covers useful in any situation, they provide essential benefits, including:

  • Organized storage for whatever you're hauling in your truck bed, plus the bonus of keeping a lid on loose items...
  • Coverage from potentially damaging weather conditions, like rain, snow and extreme sun.
  • Complete coverage of your payload that keeps your cargo out of sight from potential theft.
  • An immediate improvement in gas mileage with tight, aerodynamic materials covering your open bed.
  • Sleek looks that range from smooth leather grain patterns to ultra-custom, color-matched style.

Protecting Your Gear from the Weather with a Tonneau Cover

Even simple cover over your gear can help prevent weather damage. Tonneau covers take protection a few steps further, though, with some ingenious design features. For instance, most tonneau covers employ strategically placed weather seals and carefully angled that channel water away from your cargo. And, many tonneau cover models use raised and arched support bows to encourage moisture runoff. While no truck bed cover is completely water-tight, most will do an outstanding job of keeping your gear high and dry in nasty weather.

Gas Mileage and Tonneau Covers

Trucks are getting taller, engines are bigger, payloads are getting deeper and the traffic is thicker than ever.

Open truck bed can be a huge drag on your gas mileage.  As air flows over the aerodynamic front end of your vehicle, it can swirl into your bed and catch on your tailgate - stealing several miles off your latest tank.


Covering your truck bed with a tight tonneau cover - even a soft model - stops the tailgate drag.  Air hits the taut surface of a hard or soft tonneau cover and continues past your vehicle with nothing to catch.  And, it saves you mileage without crazy tailgate removal or potentially damaging open-gate driving, both of which have been tested and proven to be less effective than using a tonneau cover.


How much savings will you see with a tonneau cover?  A 5% improvement in fuel economy is the industry - wide accepted number, though up to 10% savings is possible.  Your vehicle could see bigger or smaller effects.  Still, the idea is simple: a tonneau cover will save gas and eventually pay for itself.